A history of infinite shades
A history of infinite shades

Colors have a life of their own. They are also found in the inner most part of shells resting at the bottom of the sea. Hinting at secret celebrations that thanks to their discovery we’re able to join in too.

Ernst Junger
(Zwei Mal Halley 1987)

Our color charts put us in a good mood just looking at them. Like as children when we were given a box of crayons to draw with. We enjoyed those colors all together so well lined up, we were filled with a desire express our creativity.
And that's how we feel when we create a new color, taking inspiration from the ripe yellow September corn, or pink candy gems to brilliant liqueurs from our past or a green pistachio ice cream dripping off the cone.
The rich world of colors stimulates our creativity. In reproducing colors of the season, it’s necessary to have a range from subtle neutral tones to an electrifying Blue K, or the enveloping gray pumice launched by a famous Maison des Beaux-Arts high fashion or Tiffany green, as its name speaks for itself, they are only some of the color trends of past Seasons that have now become classics. With transform the rainbow in your mind into reality!